The Real Need For Sex – The Healthful Benefits of Sex

Let’s explore the healthful benefits of sex and just how vital it is to our well being.Alarming numbers of human beings just aren’t interested in sex anymore. I say “anymore” as I feel at one time everyone was. Many factors contribute to the lack of desire. What is it that keeps you from enjoying great sex?Benefits of Sex
1) It’s relaxing and pleasurable.
2) Sex in a healthy relationship is the best FREE medicine ever!
3) It’s good for the heart and releases endorphins in the brain that make us HAPPY!The benefits are far too vast to just give it up. It’s one of the most pleasurable and cost affective activities you can enjoy. In today’s economy, this fact alone is a huge bonus.Why Sex Is Avoided
A Big reason sex becomes a thing never explored is false thinking.
1) We are told often times and in many ways that sex is bad.
2) Sex is a topic not often spoken of.
3) THE BIGGIE one of us is not enjoying it and could with proper communication!Times have changed and we have far too much information available to us to live in such lack. Sex is great wonderful and should be enjoyed by all adults.It’s never to late to learn the in’s and out’s, if you will, of sex.As mentioned earlier the main reason sex is avoided and not explored is because you or your partner may not be happy with the sex. The number one way to beat this is to learn better relationship skills. Most of us lack in this department.A BIG SECRETBoth men and women enjoy sex best when they fill connected to their partner. This is why relationship skills are so vital