Read This Before you Submit to Web Directories

As the number of websites grow everyday, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a new site to attain good rankings on search engines. Since major search engines factor link popularity heavily into their ranking algorithms, building relevant links to your site is perhaps the single most important component of search engine optimization.For a new site with no or few inbound links, buying text links on more established related sites could provide a boost to your link popularity. But this strategy could prove prohibitively expensive, especially in a highly competitive market where you’d have to buy lots of links to catch up with the competition.Web directory listing represents a viable alternative to link buying. Apart from driving traffic to your site through direct referrals, web directories provide one-way inbound links to your site, boosting your link popularity and ultimately improving your search rankings.There are thousands of web directories on the net, with dozens sprouting up every day. Some are general directories; others cater to specific niches. Some are free; others charge inclusion fees. Some are free only if you provide a reciprocal link in return. Many feature both free and paid listings.The main advantage of a paid listing is the luxury of having your site listed quickly above everyone else’s. Free submissions may take several weeks or months for review. If you work on a limited budget, you may want to submit to a handful of paid directories and a few hundred free ones.Some directories charge inclusion fees that are too high for the listing to be cost effective. When considering a paid listing, look at not only the Google PageRank of the homepage of directory, but also that of the subpage where your link will actually reside. While it may seem like a good deal to have your site listed on a PR5 directory for $15, the offer becomes far less attractive when you find out that the internal page where your link is placed is only PR2.If you’ve ever submitted to web directories before, I don’t have to convince you that the process is extremely tedious and time-consuming, especially when you submit to a large number of them. Unlike search engines that send out robots to index web pages, web directories rely on more detailed submission forms to gather information about your site. Since each submitted site must be reviewed by a real person, most directories require that submissions are also performed by a real person, as opposed to an automatic script. Many directories use a visual code verification process to prevent automated submissions. Apart from complying with the directory’s guidelines, manual submission is the only way to ensure that your site is submitted to the proper category.Because of the time involved in manually submitting your site and the sheer number of directories on the web, it’s important that you know which directories to submit to. Obviously, you’d want to submit to only the high-PR directories and avoid the low-PR ones, right? Not really. Just because a directory has a low PR does not mean that it’s not worth submitting to. The directory may be brand new and has not been around long enough to be ranked by Google. In contrast to the more established directories that continually experience a back-log of submissions, newer directories tend to review and list sites more quickly. As the directory becomes more popular, so will your link. So, don’t judge a directory solely by its PageRank; rather, base your decision on the overall quality of the directory.Another important thing to look at is whether or not the directory you submit to is search engine friendly. Search engines like static web pages whose contents stay the same regardless of who visits the page, or when they visit, not dynamic pages that are created on-the-fly. Browse to a couple of categories and look at URL in the navigation bar. If the URL looks like, [], it’s probably not search engine friendly. An example of a static, search engine friendly URL is (notice the “.html” suffix).Another question to ask is: How easy it is to submit to the directory? How many hoops do you have to jump through to get to the submission form? When you finally get to the form, how many fields does the form have? A directory should ask for pertinent information like your name, email, URL, link title, link description, and keywords, but it should not look like a job application. With the exception of a handful of major directories like DMOZ and Yahoo, you should not have to spend more than 3 to 4 minutes to submit your site.Another consideration is whether or not the directory has a category specific enough for your site. For optimal SEO benefits from your listing, your link should grouped under a specific category containing sites whose contents are related to yours. Such a grouping makes your listing more relevant in the eyes of the search engines, as well as providing an easier way for visitors to the directory to find your site.Simply having your site listed on a directory is not enough. Your choice of the link title can determine how much impact your listing will have on your search engine rankings. Ideally, your link title (or “anchor text”) should contain the keywords that you want others to search for to get to your site. Since most web directories require a unique link title, however, it may not be possible to select a common phrase like “Free Web Directory” as your link title. This title is likely already taken by another web directory. Simply prefixing the phrase with your domain name, e.g. “ Free Web Directory”, would make the title unique.Oftentimes, a directory would have several related categories that are suitable for your site. How do you decide which one to submit to? Ideally, you’d want to submit to the category that has the highest PageRank. However, this may not turn out to be the wisest choice as your link may be buried among a zillion other listings. Going with a lower-PR category with fewer competing links may prove to be more beneficial. When choosing from multiple related categories, choose one with a good balance of relevancy, Pagerank, number of competing listings.In sum, submitting to web directories is a highly effective link building strategy that should be an integral part of any search engine optimization campaign. Manually submitting to a large number of directories is both laborious and time-consuming. Just keep the above points in mind to make the most of your time.

Directory Submission Service – A Reliable Home Business Model Without Investment

Home based business primarily refers to any business of production or service that operates and administered from the owner’s home. The world over, home base business continues to generate dynamic interest among increasing number of people, of different background and for various interesting reasons.Most people are basically tired of laboring on the so-called 9AM to 5PM day jobs. They want to stop those hassles they pass through every commuting and set up independently.Some people just want the kind of freedom that can afford necessities of life only. Some are afraid of being laid off work and want a viable business to fall back on whenever the whistle of ‘sack’ is blown on them. Some no longer feel appreciated by their bosses and organizations. Some fellows were able to discovered that they posses certain innate talents that could benefit mankind and also land them in a new surge of financial empire.Others just want to have more time to spend with their family. However, just like you, the general reason is that people want to secure the financial future for themselves and family.The internet explosive influence on home based businessSince the Internet deputed and got established as the centre point of business growth, it has continued to positively influence the already bourgeois interest for home business among people globally. And I am sure you are one of them! After all, you’ve been searching for proven ways to use the internet to make sweet dollars in the comfort of your home. Great! This article will guide you towards starting a new home business in which you need absolutely no investment and can earn lucrative income.Web directory submission is lucrativeNow don’t consider it any problem if you are not familiar with directory or article submission, instead, bears in mind that it’s a service you can provide. Today, every website owner have fully realized the power, benefits and huge profitability in getting high ranking in major search engines such as google, yahoo and MSN.While there are many routes to achieve top ranking on search engines, nevertheless, searchers dearly love contents that are informatively written and educative at the same time.So this informed the ‘secret’ reasons search engines, especially hold informative contents in high esteem. In other words, the more valuable information available on search engines, the more people will continue to visit them to get answers to their queries. The guys behind the search engines know this; it propels their businesses and increases their popularity among online visitors. In fact, Google was able to build (and still building) a mountain of billions upon this concept of providing solid information.The birth of web directory onlineSince it’s not possible for the search engines owners to physically provide those informative materials themselves, then, the responsibility fall on the webmasters who want their websites seen on search engine to embark on this task. And equally insist that only websites with solid information must be provided. Those consider lousy are overlooked or banned completely.But those who comply adequately get their websites’ highly ranked on top of the search engines. For example, let’s assume you search for “bedding” on Google – only those websites with solid contents proofed to give satisfaction to visitors’ desires will appear first on top. Now, do you know what this means to those webmasters? A great possibility of making new prospects and customers, strong enquirers, newsletter sign up and sales and more SALES!Directories help link popularity and search engine visibility. Since one of the main factors being employed by major search engines is called ‘Link Popularity’ in ranking websites, web directories have sprung up online to catch on this vital trend.Here is the basic how it worksDirectories are similar to yellow pages of all quality websites. If a website is submitted to such directory and accepted, the benefits accruable are mouth-watering. The webmaster will basically enjoy two profound benefits, thus: a) quality one way inbound links, and b) higher position in search engines.Likewise, a quality article submitted to search engine friendly directory is capable of giving you quality traffic. How? They add inbound links to your site, thereby ‘connecting’ such websites to search engine recognition. For example, let me use the above keyword “bedding” again. If an article based on that keyword was submitted to quality article directories, and later, a visitor query Google with that keyword, then, the chances of that site showing up higher is very high.Webmasters need directory submission serviceI believe your answer is a resounding ‘Yes I am ready…’ Now in this article, I will not only show you these ideas but will reveal a place you can lay your hands on customers in the next couple of days from now.At this stage, you’re cleared on the fact that directory submission service is highly sought after by webmasters because it’s proven to help them improve incoming links, which also produces much needed top ranking in the search engines.How to get startedBasically, your job entails researching search engine friendly directories, research where webmasters congregates and advertise to them; locate places/job boards where webmasters search for people to submit to directories on their behalf. Though webmasters can be found in many ways, but I advice you limit your search to forums where those who need this service openly admit it.Here is how to accomplish this task…
Firstly search the web for the list of only search engine friendly directories. Visit Google and type in keywords such as “viable directories” or “list of directory sites” or “list of best directories” “list of directory” and so on. Carefully wade through the results and chose at least 100 you find most viable. For article directory, simply type in keywords such as “article directories” and “list of article directories” and so on. Carefully read through rules of submission of each directory and note them down with their Page Rank. You must have installed Google Page Rank toolbar which you can download at to find the page rank of the visiting websites. Spend a week to test-drive the directories you select by submitting a test website and an article to them and watch the results. Why should you do this? It will give you a leeway to fully separate the results-oriented directories and also use as testimonial when you’re finally ready to roll out your new home based business. Here are some resources to find directories list. In as much as it’s imperative to always search out latest directories that are promising, notwithstanding, I won’t let you go without some resources to jumpstart your business.

Digital Point Forums – You can find a bunch of brand-new directories announced here by the directory owners.
Directory Critic – A collection of free web directories and article directories.
AddUrl – Another solid database of free web directories. A great forum online is There you’ll find thousands of website owners waiting for you.
Join as a member. Follow the instructions on the boards; read the FAQ, post questions on areas not clear and learn from what others are doing right and wrong. This will earn you good friends and nice reputation in a short time. Post thread advertising for web directory service. You may use headline like this: “$25 Gets Your Website into 100 Search Engine Directories…” And for an article service you may use this headline: “HURRY! Article Submission to 100 Directories Only $19” If you handle people’s jobs with honesty and answer their doubts with dispatch, you will soon be swarmed with lots and lots of jobs that will be too much for you to handle alone. In this case, here is my solemn advice for you.Hire someone and delegate responsibilities to him. You can even do this cheaply if you hire few dedicated people to do the job for you and pocket the extra dollars on top of your revenues. If you are confuse how to go about this, post a short thread on any of the forum like Specifically mention the amount of monthly salary you can afford. And, also take head; I suggest you start with one person and then increase from there as the need arises.Finally let me leave you with few extra tips below:
Don’t charge too much when starting out. Manually submit as this give more credibility. Use both free and paid submission and charge accordingly, but let your clients know about both options. Be transparent. Watch new release of directory regularly and focus only on highest quality ones. Watch age of directories and observe if still relevant or not. Recent cache of sub-pages. Work with directories that are included in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. Go for those that allow keywords in title tag. Anyway, let me quickly add this before you start running with this opportunity. Consider including content creation like article writing as an added service. Good luck!