A Shocking Secret For Incredible Sex

Want to know the shocking secret of passionate sex? It has nothing to do with technique! The shocking secret of passionate sex is to be able to talk about it with your partner. Amazed? You shouldn’t be. That’s one of the first things any good sex therapist would tell you if the thrill has gone from your bedroom.Why? Because talking about sex helps you understand what arouses you and turns you off. The fact that you need to talk about sex with your partner doesn’t mean that you love one another any less. That’s because, when it comes to making love, no one is able to read another person’s mind.But what if it’s uncomfortable to talk about sex? You can begin the conversation by giving each other permission to talk about it. After all, sex is just another natural part of adult life. Whether you think sex is a great form of entertainment, a sacred act of love, or an obligation to your marriage or your partner, you have thoughts and opinions about sex. You also have values, beliefs, and experiences. And most all of that deserves to be shared.Here are some questions that can get you and your partner talking more about sex:o Do you remember how old you were when you started to feel sexual urges? What was that like for you?
o What sorts of love or sex scenes in movies or books really turn you on?
o What did you learn about sex at home? From religion? From school?
o What is the funniest thing you ever learned about sex?
o What do you want from sex that you haven’t asked for?
o What embarrasses you most about sex?
o If we could make love anywhere in the world, where would that be?
o How do you like to get in the mood?
o What is your favorite time of day to make love?
o What is the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen?What if you want to talk, but your partner doesn’t? Then start with by asking your partner why this is difficult. Or invite them to talk about one question at a time, with permission to “pass” if they wish.The fact is that good conversation makes for great sex. You’ll understand your partner better, and your partner will have more trust in you. All of that leads to greater intimacy, which in turn leads to more passionate sex. The way to better sex and orgasm really is between your lips.

The Truth Behind Light Adult Incontinence – You Are Not Alone

While you may have once thought that light adult incontinence was something that only affected older women, you may be feeling just a little bit embarrassed that you are experiencing some form of adult incontinence at your young age. Odds are you have tried some form of standard-issue sanitary towels in order to help you deal with your embarrassing occasional leakage problem only to find that these products do not perform as well as you would have hoped, causing you to hide out at home for fear that someone may find out about your light adult incontinence problem.Standard sanitary towels don’t work simply because they were not designed to handle this type of fluid. The mini-pads and liners that are most commonly found in the health and beauty section of your grocery store were designed for the purpose of handling menstrual fluids, and not those associated with bladder weakness. While dealing with any form of light adult incontinence is not something anyone wants to deal with, choosing products that are designed specifically for other fluids is not the product you should be using, especially if you don’t want to have to concern yourself with the chance of embarrassing leakage.So then what choices are there?Since adult incontinence is a common problem for women of all ages, there are many products available on the market today that are designed especially for dealing with adult bladder weakness. Unlike sanitary pads, these products are made from more absorbent materials and generally have a waterproof backing to guard against unwanted leakage. They are also designed to keep acidic urine away from delicate skin, which can easily become irritated when exposed to any amount of wetness for an extended period of time. These pads can be worn inside your undergarments in the same way you would wear a menstrual pad, but they offer the same is not more discreetness, comfort and security as their sanitary counterparts.If, on the other hand, you tend experience a heavier leakage of urine then you probably require heavier protection. One of the most popular forms of protection are undergarments that tend to resemble normal underwear and they are normally available in one of two versions. There are ones that are washable so they can be re-used again, or there is the slightly more expensive version which is disposable. Some may have a pocket in which to fit a disposable insert, such as a pad, while others may come with a built-in pad. Washable undergarments are usually designed to withstand multiple washings by machine or by hand. While you may be feeling like you are alone in the world, bladder weakness is not something that should your source of embarrassment or shame. Light adult incontinence is actually much more common than you may think, with an estimate of 1 in every 3 women over the age of 30 who are currently dealing with some form of bladder weakness. This problem most commonly occurs as a result of pregnancy and childbirth. As a result the pelvic floor is weaker than it once was, resulting in light adult incontinence. While it is possibly that the issue may be a temporary one which can be resolved with the help of pelvic floor exercises and simple lifestyle changes, there is a chance it could be more serious with surgery or other medical treatments being the only option. Whether your situation is temporary or permanent, you will probably need to use some form a bladder weakness products for a period of time. If this is the case, you should choose a product that has been designed with this problem in mind.What to look for:When you are looking for a bladder weakness product, you will want to make sure you keep the following qualities in mind:
Weight loss if  you are overweight
Avoidance of alcohol and caffeine
Quitting smoking
Pelvic floor exercises While you may have once been embarrassed by your light adult incontinence condition, just remember that you are not alone. Instead of “making do” with products that are designed for your menstrual period, you will need to look for ones that are designed specifically to handle bladder weakness. To feel confident and secure, give one of these products a try. You have nothing to lose and only your life to gain.

Sex – Are Oldies Past It?

It’s not surprising that there are many common misconceptions about sex and ageing. After all, it’s normal for sexual feelings (desire, behaviour) to change with age. While older people may have less intercourse as they get older as their sex life may slow down, sex is still important for most of them.You’d be buying into a stereotype to conclude that oldies don’t have sex. Oldies (60+) need to keep their sexual energy and connection intact.A new kind of sexuality can emerge with age, one that focuses on whole body intimacy and the value of human connections. Indeed, late-life sex should be seen in the context of a broader human experience involving intimacy, companionship, pleasure, and love. The reality is that there’s nothing about age preventing oldies from having frisky, frequent, and fun sex. No one needs to have a photoshopped body to qualify: others are never as critical about our body as we are.It’s a myth that sex belongs to the young. Research shows that sex and romance are firmly on the minds of many older adults (oldies are the fastest growing demographic using online dating sites). We are designed to live longer, better if we have an active sex life. Sexual contact can lead to better health, higher relationship satisfaction, and improved stress management (of course, Woody Allen says that sex alleviates tension, and love causes it).Maintaining a satisfying sex life as you get older is even easier when you:

Stay sexually fit – getting yourself physically fit, increasing the frequency of sex, and balancing mind and body (that ‘old fart’ you might think you see in the mirror needn’t be you).

Try outercourse – a term used to describe a wide variety of erotic experiences that don’t include penetrative sex. Outercourse is all about pleasure and connectedness.

Improve your communication. Communication is key to a satisfying sex life, so be honest and open with your partner. Communicate your thoughts, fears, and desires with him or her. Getting on could lead to getting it on.